COIR GARDEN Coir Fiber Seed Germination Kit, Natural Brown, 4x4x1 cm, 100 Piece.

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  • SIZE – (L x W x H): 4 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm. Used for raising seedlings, plant cutting rootings, hydroponics, aquaponics. Coco netted coin gives quicker rooting due to the air pruning that stimulates fibrous root development within the plug. This can decrease crop cycle up to 25% to produce stronger, more compact plants.
  • Coir coins are 100% bio degradable so seedling planted directly into soil has less transplant shock problem.
  • Just drop the pellet into warm water and place the seed.; It expands to several times its original, and water regularly until the seed germinates.
  • Now it is made easy to transplant without damaging the first soil and roots.; Material Type: Plastic; Color Name: Blue
  • Finish Type: Painted; Mounting Type: Floor Standing
Mounting TypeFloor Standing
Product Dimensions40D x 40W x 10H Millimeters
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  1. Mdbhat (verified owner)

    Good product. But small in size.
    I personally found the size to be small. But this is a standard seed germination-sized pouch.
    The quality of the product is good. But, the price for this is a bit on the higher end. I bought the 100 pack and it cost me 5 rs per single piece.


  2. Yash Saklecha (verified owner)

    Must have for gardening enthusiasts.
    Very easy to use, good germination condition for seeds and very very easy to plant the saplings once the roots come out, just take the whole thing and put it in a pot. Thats it. Very affordable and and must have if you like to grow your own seeds. All around a very good buy, just make sure to buy in bulk as its much cheaper.

    Yash Saklecha

  3. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Size is very small
    Aur u can say very cheap products

    Amazon Customer

  4. Yash satam (verified owner)

    Excellent product
    I used this product to grow 3 batches of microgreens, all of them grew without any contamination. The paper covering is biodegradable which makes it even better.

    Yash satam

  5. AmazonCustomer_bleh (verified owner)

    Okay, not okay. No drainage holes.
    They’re okay for sprouting seeds but NOT good for your saplings.

    The polybags don’t have drainage holes, and tend to accumulate water over time – which becomes a problem when the roots start to grow from seedlings. Of my spring (late winter) batch that I planted in these bags, almost all my seedlings ROTTED after they grew a little bigger – I could only save the ones which I transplanted just at the right time.

    Moreover this is a HUGE waste of money, in my opinion. Instead of these, get good quality seed trays and a good quality compost to start your seeds. Baby plats feel much more happy in light, nutritious soil.

    PS: The two plants that I did save ended up becoming beautiful ipomea plants, which are flowering everyday now. Attached pictures.

    Please drop a like if you found my review helpful.


  6. Imraan Shaykh (verified owner)

    Too good 😊
    Seeds germinate quickly… Dan directly sown in pot.

    Imraan Shaykh

  7. Parameswari kasa (verified owner)

    Quality and packing is good but size of the product is very small
    Size is very smaller and have to see how this small pit is useful for seed germination

    Parameswari kasa

  8. Riddhi P (verified owner)

    Good jiffy bags
    They are good ones but dry out quickly.

    Riddhi P

  9. Arti (verified owner)



  10. B (verified owner)

    Works great!
    They work great. Ordered twice already. I hoped for a bigger size and very strangely my second order were quite a bit bigger in size. You have to pour the hot water very slowly to avoid the peat spilling out. When I’ve poured enough water through it I usually hand stretch the rest of it out. Don’t put more than 3-4 seeds in. Also once seeds are in don’t keep it soaking wet, or it will attract the fungus gnat (a white worm-not good for plants-you can pluck them off if you see them). Water them daily but not soaking wet. In the photos you will see my recent order, which is quite a bit bigger than the ones from first order. The seller doesn’t mention this change of size. Big ones are way better (but not sure how to re-order that bigger size) and you can let the seedling grow much taller and stronger before transplanting.


  11. Madhan Singh (verified owner)

    I got excellent support for this item. They were patient with me, and helped me solve my issue. I recommend this company 100%

    Madhan Singh

  12. Altaf (verified owner)

    I like this item and also the customer service of them.


  13. Atu (verified owner)

    I received a personalized and attentive treatment. Thanks to this deal, I was able to find a solution to my problem in a short time. 🙂


  14. Bhrat Narayn (verified owner)

    Its really nice… Good enough…

    Bhrat Narayn

  15. Surjeet Singh Banjara (verified owner)

    I want to say thanks to the support team for helping with my continuously silly questions, you’re the best!

    Surjeet Singh Banjara

  16. Aakar Talwar (verified owner)

    Got some issues, but it works for me.

    Aakar Talwar

  17. Laltes (verified owner)

    Very good looking product. Box shipped as shown in the pics above.


  18. Panchuram (verified owner)

    Just love the design and the customer support is the nicest.


  19. Shivam Saini (verified owner)

    The first time I got the urges to leave a comment, but this is simply a top-notch thing you can find.

    Shivam Saini

  20. Ram Gopal Urf Gopiram Meena (verified owner)

    Thanks for the delivery on time, It was urgently required item and you have delivered it on time. Quality is amazing as expected. Thanks again.

    Ram Gopal Urf Gopiram Meena

  21. Chhanoyar Shekh (verified owner)

    Very good quality in this low price range.

    Chhanoyar Shekh

  22. Ram Singh (verified owner)

    It’s far better than those similar products, while the price is still acceptable.

    Ram Singh

  23. Mahendra Yadav (verified owner)

    Delivery on time and product quality is good. Will place some new orders shortly.

    Mahendra Yadav

  24. Karmveer Singh (verified owner)

    This is my first purchase and I am happy with the product quality and delivery. Thank you

    Karmveer Singh