Generic Cocopeat Brick Block 650 Grams Expands to 3.5 kgs of Coco peat Powder

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  • It comes in a 600 gm pack
  • Improves the condition of the soil
  • Increases the water retention of soil
  • Can expand to 3.5kgs from 600gms
  • Horticulture and Agriculture Use – This cocopeat brick find its application and use in the field of horticulture and other agricultural use. It can also be used for gardening at homes and terrac.

Compact Gardening Solution for Every House Hold! Cocopeat brick is a product that is a substitute for the ordinary soil for the purpose of gardening and horticulture. This product comes in a 600gm pack that is made to absorb water and gain its volume and become perfect for the growth of plants.Organic Composition This cocopeat is a natural medium for the growing and the conditioning of plants by the use of this product. This conditions the soil for the growth of the plants. 600gm Weight This product comes in a 600gm pack that has the capacity to absorb water up to 5 times its own weight and retain water for the plants used for gardening and horticulture. Soil Texture This product comes in a natural brown colour that does not differ from the texture of the soil and it cannot be differentiated when mixed with the soil for gardening. Light and Portable This cocopeat product comes in a light weight of 600gm to 625gms that is easily carried where desired. This absorbs the water up to 5 times its own weight Brick Dimension This product comes in a brick form with a dimension of 21.69cm x 11.30cm x 6.19cm. It looks like a brick that easily loosens when soaked in water.

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