Native Earth Nursery " Totapuri Mango " Hybrid 1 Healthy Live Plant (Grafted Plant, 2-3 Feet Height)

  • 🌳 One healthy Totapuri Mango grafted live plant Size 24-36 inch (2-3 feet) tree. Growing from quality picked seeds, it has stronger root system.
  • 🌿 This is a grafted Mango Plant can grow almost all indian climate and Soil. With our healthy mango tree you will have nothing to be worry when you have this tall and strong tree plant to continue the green and increase the beauty of your home and garden.
  • 🥭 Totapuri Mango immediately stands out among other mangoes because of its shape. Totapuri mangoes on ripening turns yellow with thick skin and yellowish orange pulp inside. Each piece weighs around 250 to 500 gms.
  • 🌱 The aroma of the Totapuri Mango is also very special. Consumers can easily remove the thin skin. Totapuri Mango Skin lacks the usual Bitter taste of Most Mango skins or has a very slight bitterness and is consumed with the flesh traditionally.
  • 🌳 Totapuri Mango tree is medium sized, potentially reaching heights of over six meters. It is an early midseason variety, with the single crops in a year.
  • 🍃 We promising you to send a healthy live plant. We have shipped thousands of plants safely to their destinations. We pack healthy, undamaged plant. We promise to send the same plant saplings. Minor color discrepancies between the listed pictures and the actual plants you received is expected. Not all plants are exactly the same.
  • 🌱 We deliver you our best plants, you grow the green. Keep green and keep our planet clean.



Totapuri Mango has a parrot beak like tip and hence the name derived as Kilimooku. It is a special variety grown across Southern states. Totapuri is also known as Kallamai, Collector, Kalamani across various regions. Kilimooku mangoes on ripening turns yellow with thick skin and yellowish orange pulp inside. Each piece weighs around 250 to 500 gms. It is the only mango that can be eaten in unripe greeny stages by slicing and pouring salt with chilli powder. Native Earth Nursery collect some good Variety of mango from all over the world which can survive and perform well in every indian climate condition. And we planted those plant in our garden, after good results we prepare for grafting. Some well grafted healthy plant we sell and send to green lover all over in india.

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